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1 long podcast, 10 viral highlights, chapters, clips.

Create 10x faster.

GoodListen Studio is a generative AI audio tool that repurposes long podcast audio into
highlights, chapters, clips in one click. Powered by cuting-edge AI models.

Works seamlessly with

Spotify, Youtube

GoodListen automatically generates highlights, chapters, clips that can be shared on Spotify, Youtube.
You save RSS feed once. We automatically notify you when new episodes are processed.
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Created by engineers, scientists from Spotify, Semrush.

Cutting edge AI, NLP R&D

Our approach is based on the latest research in AI, Natural Language Processing, and
audio processing. We constantly research & develop to provide the best results.
Works seamlessly with Spotify, Youtube

Processed top 250+ podcasts, 1M+ minutes of audio.

We are constantly improving. You can search for your favorite topics and get the best highlights
chapters, clips in our library. Try our podcast search engine demo now.

Upload your audio and we’ll do the rest.


Utilizing our AI model, we've honed the art of identifying precisely what makes content engaging. Our ever-evolving model crafts a personalized selection of highlights that you can leverage to promote each episode effectively.

Chapters & Clips

Save valuable time in post-production by letting GoodListen generate chapters and clips for each episode. Enable your listeners to discover and navigate your content better.

Titles & Summaries

Accelerate your script editing with AI-generated titles, summaries and tags for every episode, chapter and clip.

Download & Share

Download highlights, summaries, chapters, clips and transcript. Export YouTube and Spotify chapter script. Share with the world!

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